About Us

For over 20 years FARON Business Developments has been succesful in connecting suppliers and buyers of foodstuffs all over Europe, with a specialization for former Yugoslav countries.

What started out with coffee has grown into an assortment with dozens of items in various categories, like raw ingredients, nuts, rice, canned goods, potato, dairy and frozen products.

Of course FARON has contacts worldwide to supply you directly from the biggest food producers in origin countries, keeping the supply chain as short as possible. But due to the strategic position of FARON’s office in Rotterdam, right next to the biggest port in Europe, FARON can also supply you with goods directly from warehouses in The Netherlands, when goods need to be available prompt.

All goods supplied by FARON are checked, both physically in the warehouses and by making sure all appropriate certificates are present.

If you are looking for buyers for your goods, or for a supplier for certain products, don’t hesitate to contact us.